Curso de Fisio fora

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Dear Students and Postdocs:

I would like to bring to your attention a fantastic 7 week summer course- the Physiology Course at the Marine Biological Laboratory at beautiful Woods Hole, Massachusetts. This course has had fabulous success in the last three years and summer of 2007 promises to be even better. This is not a typical graduate student course or a “techniques” course as might offered at Cold Spring Harbor. While having great daily lectures from outstanding scientists and featuring new technologies (the course has $2 million dollars of microscopy equipment), its main value is having students work side-by-side with world class faculty on cutting edge research problems. A particular emphasis of this course is interdisciplinary research at the interface between cell biology, physics, and computation. Biology students learn how the physical sciences can contribute to solving complex cell biological problems (and learn new skills like MatLab programming), and physical science/computation students immerse themselves in experimentation on a wide variety of problems. There is no better setting in the world for training in such interdisciplinary research. Although not its primary objective, a great deal of exciting research can emerge in the unique collaborative and intense research setting of the Physiology Course (14 abstracts to the annual American Society of Cell Biology meeting were submitted from the 2006 Physiology Course). In addition to doing interesting research, the Course provides a great environment to spend time thinking about science with outstanding faculty and students who have different types of scientific backgrounds and who come from around the world.

please see the www site for many more details on the course structure, research, application, pictures, student quotes: